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1.Background and Context

Our vision is to be one of the most respected logistics companies in the UK in the eyes of our Customers, Clients and Employees. In enabling this vision we aim to make a net positive contribution to our communities, people and environment.


We know that the most affective delivery services comes from the grass roots level. Our drivers are the backbone of our service and we aim to motivate and reward all drivers affectively. We believe a highly motivated work force is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction. We train our drivers to be friendly while working actively with our customers, fostering productive, harmonious relationships. We aim to understand, anticipate and respond to their needs and concerns as we know this is essential to delivering enriching customer experiences.


In everything we do, we strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, to provide a distinctive customer experience, and to become a valued partner of our customers – now and into the future. We are dedicated to ensuring a consistent level of service across the whole of our business. This allows our customers to expect a reliable experience and to depend on the Old Windsor Logistics brand across all of our designated sites. At the same time, we seek to offer distinctly local, exceptional customer experiences. Finally, we aim to develop and support dynamic partnerships with our clients, listening to them, collaborating with them to serve their needs and aspirations and delivering on our promises to customers.


We believe that this approach will help us offer the best customer service and engagement.


2.General Policy

Old Windsor Logistics is committed to delivering a consistent standard of service as well as a high level of customer engagement that enables us to best serve our customers’ needs and concerns.

We strive to:

  • Be attentive to our individual customers and responsive to their needs and concerns

  • Put ourselves in the customers shoes

  • Measure levels of engagement and satisfaction to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ needs and  responding to their concerns

Old Windsor Logistics is committed to offering a distinctive customer experience designed to reflect and respond to customers’ needs and concerns.

We strive to:

  • Proactively develop and implement strategic responses to customer needs and concerns across all areas of the business

  • Develop and maintain active customer engagement programs that encourage listening to our customers as well as sharing knowledge and insights


 3.Implementation and Review

Old Windsor Logistics we are all responsible for customer engagement, whether we deal directly with our customers or whether we place the customer at the centre of the decisions we make. It’s through the little things done well – from providing a consistent level of service to a decision that responds to a customer’s need or concern – that we show our commitment to our customers. It’s also through the distinctive, memorable experiences we offer. And it’s through listening to our customers and delivering on our promises to them. The passionate people who represent our brand all have a role to play in enriching the customer experience.

Old Windsor Logistics will enact this policy through continuous review and improvement of customer complaints and implementing a Driver Customer Engagement Framework, found in the Self Employed Drivers Handbook 2018. Ultimate responsibility for implementation and review sits with the Drivers and POC.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to each commitment identified in this policy will be developed and reported to meetings of the Old Windsor Logistics Leadership Team. These KPI’s will be reviewed from time to time to ensure their continued relevance as measures of customer engagement strategies mature and evolve.

The policy will be regularly reviewed in light of legislation and organisational changes and developments in sustainability best practice, or at a minimum, every three years.

Daniel Sheehy 


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