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All Drivers shall be recruited on the basis of merit with minimum eligibility standards. No Preference shall be given on the basis of cast, creed, colour, race and language. The recruitment system encompasses mandatory criteria for all applicants, which must be followed in letter and spirit for recruitment of a driver in the organization. Driver Recruitment Criteria Age and Experience Applicants for the slot of Old Windsor drivers shall comply with the following age and experience criteria:


  • Applicant must have at least one-year driving experience on the type of vehicle required to be driven in the company e.g. Van.

  • Applicant’s age should be at least 21 years at the time of recruitment.

  • Applicant’s age should not exceed the official retirement age of the company i.e.60 years.

  • At the time of recruitment, if the above selection criteria could not be met then emphasis shall be laid on driving skills and personality. Moreover, additional care during training will be taken through the added support of Monitor drivers.



Driver’s personality attributes shall be verified through an Interview / Assessment-Form at the time of selection. The ideal candidate should be:


  • Someone who has an aptitude for driving.

  • Someone who can provide courteous service to the customer.

  • Mature and responsible.

  • Decisive.

  • Capable of working independently, self-reliant and self-disciplined.

  • Prepared and capable of working on shifts.

  • Someone, who must be aware and determined to practice all safety rules, methods, and procedures,

  • Non Smokers shall be preferred.

  • No attitude towards drugs.

  • No physical deformity & capable of controlling the vehicle (reaching and operating the controls).

  • Someone with the ability to perceive hazards & able to react rationally in normal and emergency situations



The Driver Health Screening Questionnaire must be completed and signed before any new drivers can start work. The Driver Health Screening Questionnaire shall be placed in the personnel file of each driver after completion of the selection process. Drivers must disclose to Old Windsor Logistics any impairment including but not limited to the following areas:


  • Vision (eyesight and colour blindness).

  • Any serious illness.

  • Any neurological or musculoskeletal deficiency which could adversely affect movement and reaction time.

  • Conditions that could result in sudden collapses such as epilepsy, diabetes and heart attacks.

  • Any history of anxiety or depression.

  • Use of any medication which could influence driving behavior.


  • Stress / sleeping disorders, and degree of dependence on sleeping tablets, alcohol and other measures.

  • Drug and alcohol testing.


Driving Skills

Practical Driving Test

  • Each driver should go through a practical driving examination before recruitment. An experienced driver / monitor driver shall conduct this test under typical operating conditions. He will confirm that the applicant is fully competent to drive the type of vehicle he would use on company business.


Appropriate Driving License

  • The applicant to be recruited must have an appropriate valid License for the vehicle to be driven by him. A Photocopy of license must be placed in his personnel file.

  • The Old Windsor Drivers Declaration must be signed before any new drivers can start work.


Intelligence and General Education

  • Intelligence tests shall be conducted if the applicant has limited education. This shall ensure that the prospective driver demonstrates minimum level of intelligence required to fulfil his duties.

  • Preferable level of education for a prospective driver is a Matriculate; if not, Middle level would meet the criteria.

  • If an applicant is not meeting the above education standards, then he should be literate and numerate at a level where he is able to:

  • Follow written work instructions.

  • Read maps.

  • Safety bulletins.

  • Fill out trip log.

  • Other forms required to report about journey details etc.



  • A newly selected driver will be given a Job-Offer letter along with “SELF EMPLOYED DRIVER HANDBOOK 2018” for thier guidance. He will be on probation for three months.

  • Newly hired drivers should be put on the safest and least demanding routes.

  • There should be a progression from smaller to larger trucks and from rigid to articulated vehicles, supported by continuous progressive training.

  • During initial short trips, a monitor driver should spend the first three to five days with new driver, identifying any skill gaps, attitude problems and providing the necessary support.

  • The monitor driver shall continue to record his skill gaps during the probationary period and through coaching, counseling, and other training drills would bridge the gaps in his driving skills. He will then submit his report to the company.

  • Following a final trip at the end of the probationary period, the monitor driver should recommend whether or not a driver to be rejected or accepted.

  • Job confirmation letter will be issued to the driver on probation if Monitor-Driver comments positively about him and there is no other negative report against him.



With respect to general conduct, drivers shall:

  • Follow procedures regarding duty and rest periods.

  • Follow defensive driving principles.

  • Wear a seat belt at all times whilst in a moving vehicle.

  • Work in accordance with all company HSE Rules and to act on the instructions of their supervisor.

  • Keep the vehicle and cab interior clean and tidy.

  • Not place heavy or sharp objects in the cab (or on the top of trailers).

  • Not place product samples or product contaminated material, including gloves, in the cab.

  • Not engage in horseplay or unsafe driving maneuvers.

  • Must not smoke or carry matches, lighters or another source of ignition when carrying flammable products


Other Important Requirements

During the selection process in addition to the above mentioned requirements, the under mentioned elements are also very important and the driver selection shall encompass the following:

  • First aid skills.

  • Product knowledge.

  • Awareness of key road safety issues.

  • Understanding of the Highway Code.

  • Attitude to alcohol and drugs.

  • Knowledge of defensive driving.

  • Driving record (no serious offenses and no more than three accidents or violations in the last 5 years).


Daniel Sheehy 


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