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Driver Safety Policy (Condensed)


5.1 This policy applies to all employees of Old Windsor Logistics who drive either a Company Vehicle or Private Vehicle on company business. Old Windsor Logistics Health & Safety
procedures and guidance support this policy and the management of the recognised risks associated with road use.
5.2 Old Windsor Logistics will comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive in the implementation of this policy.
5.3 This policy will be implemented in conjunction with the requirements of the Old Windsor Logistics company vehicle scheme (as amended from time to time), car usage policies and procedures, and insurance policy/procedures.
5.4 This Policy is predicated on the following principles, which places employee safety as paramount:-
5.4.1 Only authorised drivers will be permitted to drive on company business.
5.4.2 Driving time is deemed to be part of the working day (excluding travelling to your normal place of work which is classed as private use).
5.4.3 Breaks should be taken in the journey before you begin to feel fatigued – as a minimum, a 15 minute break every 2 hours is recommended.
5.4.4 Consideration should be given to sharing the driving (where appropriate – i.e. the individual is an authorised driver, has the appropriate insurance cover to drive the vehicle, is familiar with the vehicle etc).
5.4.5 Risk assessments for all employees driving on company business will be undertaken.
5.4.6 Relevant training as deemed necessary/appropriate will be carried out.
5.4.7 Drivers will be provided with safety packs which will include a high visibility jacket, trousers, safety helmet, safety boots and gloves.


6.1 Old Windsor Logistics takes its responsibilities with regards the health & safety of its employees seriously, and will ensure that the requirements of this policy, associated handbooks, procedures and guidance are adhered to. This will include ensuring that all relevant employees are properly trained and regularly updated on their responsibilities in the application of this policy, particularly when reviewed and changed.
6.2 Old Windsor Logistics will abide by the responsibilities contained within the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and will review this Policy in the light of any legislative or regulatory changes.
6.3 The principal legal duty on employers is, so far as is reasonably practicable, to provide and maintain safe systems of work, and to take all reasonably practicable precautions to ensure the health and safety of all workers in the workplace and members of the public who might be affected by their activities.
6.4 As well as complying with the law, Old Windsor Logistics will follow the guidance and good practice recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and industry standards where applicable.
6.5 To ensure the effectiveness of, and compliance with this Policy, the company’s Safety
Team will monitor its application and implementation, and review this policy on a regular
basis to ensure it remains appropriate for Old Windsor Logistics in terms of achieving its objectives.
6.6 Old Windsor Logistics will publish this policy and associated guidance, and ensure that all relevant employees have access to a copy.
6.7 Old Windsor Logistics is committed to ensuring that all employees who are required to drive in the furtherance of their duties or to manage those employees who do, clearly understand their position in law and the implications for them of this policy, and are trained to undertake their duties in respect of this policy.
6.8 Old Windsor Logistics will provide all the necessary training, guidance, safety equipment, advice etc, to ensure employees meet their obligations.
6.9 Old Windsor Logistics will assist in the rehabilitation of drivers involved in serious accidents by:
6.9.1 Working closely with the driver and emergency services in determining the cause of the accident.
6.9.2 Providing counselling to the employee(s) through the company’s legal expenses insurer. This service is free to employees and is a confidential service.
6.9.3 Having on-going discussions with the driver to determine whether they are able to carry out their duties.
6.9.4 Identifying whether further driver training is required.


7.1 Old Windsor Logistics expect supervisors to promote ‘safe driving’ within the workplace and ensure safe practices are being used. Supervisors have a responsibility to assist the company in meeting its obligations, and to 
the staff they manage to ensure they meet and fulfil their duties whilst driving on company business. The overall aim is to ensure (as far as possible) employees who drive on company business are placed in a ‘low risk’ category and have all the necessary tools/training to achieve this. Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring:
7.1.1 That new starters and existing employees who drive on company business understand their responsibilities.
7.1.2 Staff who drive on company business have signed the employee declaration, have undertaken a risk assessment and any additional training needs identified.
7.1.3 They discuss the outcome of the assessment with the driver to identify any actions arising (e.g. further training etc) and ensure that timescales are put in place.
7.1.4 Staff have been issued with a high 
visibility jacket, and any other personal safety equipment that is appropriate.
7.1.5 Identifying those most at risk.
7.1.6 The driver participates in any additional training identified.
7.1.7 MOT and insurance checks for non-company car drivers are carried out annually and on renewal of such documents.
7.1.8 Following an accident through driving on company business, discuss with the employee concerned to record the cause of the accident, who was responsible, whether any further training is required etc, following completion of the road accident checklist by the driver.
7.1.9 They report to their Manager any dangerous working practices or occurrences/ habits of drivers that they become aware of (e.g. aggressive or dangerous driving habits, near miss instances, bumps etc).
7.2 To assist supervisors in their duties suitable training will be provided.


8.1 Whilst the company has responsibilities to its employees under Health & Safety legislation, any employee who is required to drive in the course of their duties has the following personal responsibilities which must be adhered to in order to comply with the law and of the requirements of this policy. These responsibilities are applicable to all employees who drive on company business – whether using a Company Vehicle or Private Vehicle. Any employee who cannot comply with these requirements will not be allowed to drive on company business.
8.2 All employees have a legal duty to take care of their own and others’ health and safety and to co-operate with management in meeting their obligations. Employees need to recognise this responsibility and act accordingly.
8.3 To comply with this policy, employees:
8.3.1 Must operate within the law at all times.
8.3.2 Are prohibited from drinking/using illegal/recreational drugs and driving.
8.3.3 Must notify their supervisor if they are taking any medication that might affect their driving.
8.3.4 Will be required to give consideration as to whether the journey is essential before commencing – other means of conducting the business may be more effective or alternative means of travel could be used.
8.3.5 Will observe speed limits at all times.
8.3.6 Will be familiar with the vehicle they are to drive.
8.3.7 Will be responsible and courteous road users at all times, and will act as an ambassador for Old Windsor Logistics.
8.3.8 Will use the items provided for their safety should the need arise (e.g. high visibility jacket, safety helmet etc.).
8.3.9 Will, in the event of an accident, adhere to the prescribed accident procedure.
8.3.10 Agree to adhere to the requirements of this policy.
8.3.11 Hold a valid UK driving licence.
8.3.12 Ensure all vehicles used for company business (whether a Company Vehicle or Private Vehicle) are taxed, insured for business use and have a valid MOT certificate (for employees using a Private Vehicle the insurance policy must state ‘business use’ - ‘occasional business use’ will not be acceptable).
8.3.13 Inform their supervisor immediately if they no longer hold a valid driving licence or if any fines or penalties are awarded against them (irrespective of whether on company business or using the vehicle for private use), or any other reason that may mean they no longer qualify as an authorised driver.
8.3.14 Inform their supervisor immediately of any change of circumstance that will affect their driving ability and risk rating (e.g. penalty points, change of vehicle, increase in mileage, medical condition etc.).
8.3.15 Assist management by contributing effectively to reducing risk by undertaking risk assessments, training, reporting any dangerous practices etc.
8.3.16 Ensure vehicles are serviced at regular intervals and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals (although it is not a requirement for employees using their own vehicle for the vehicle to have a service history, it is mandatory that the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended intervals).
8.3.17 Be medically fit to drive and use any corrective eyewear prescribed.
8.3.18 Advise their supervisor if told not to drive by a member of the medical profession, due to a medical condition, or if taking medication that may affect their driving.
8.3.19 Take responsibility for any fines, traffic offences or other breaches of the law committed when driving on company business.
8.3.20 To ensure that these requirements are met before driving on company business. All employees will be required to sign a declaration to confirm that they have read and 
understand the requirements placed upon them when driving on behalf of Old Windsor Logistics.
8.4 Old Windsor Logistics will not accept responsibility for an employee who breaks the law when driving on company business. Dependent upon the seriousness of the incident, the company disciplinary procedures may be invoked and/or the driver may be prevented from driving on company business. Disciplinary procedures will always be commenced if an employee is found to have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving on company business.


Daniel Sheehy 


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