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Delivery Workflow
This "Delivery Workflow has been created to make our job easier. If we start from the top and work our way down the list it should make for a great delivery experience for us and the customers.
A quick breakdown of this is as follows.
Follow the Amazon Flex App to customers address.
Click "I've Parked"
Read any messages left by the customer IE:
Delivery preferences
Access codes
Alternative phone numbers
Walk to the property and scan shipments as close to the property as possible.
Knock door and stand back as not to intimidate customer.
When customer opens door greet customer with "Good Morning/Afternoon Amazon Delivery" and hand them their parcel. If shipment requires signature (Remember the "Challenge 25" procedure)
If customer is not in check for any Delivery preferences on the App. If there is one follow as directed making sure to take a photo as proof and leaving a "We Missed You Card" so they know where to find their shipment.
If there is no Customer or Delivery Preferences "Phone the customer by pressing "HELP" on device at top right and select "Call Customer" State you are Amazon Delivery and Politely Ask for an alternative Delivery Instruction.
If no answer at the door and no delivery preference or answer from customer try a neighbour (within 25m) and again leave customer "We Missed You Card" explaining "Name & House Number or Name of address"
If there is no customer and no neighbours look for a Safe, Protected area and leave a "We Missed You Card" explaining were the parcel is located.
If none of the above is available and we need to fail the shipment delivery again press "HELP" on device at top right and select "Customer Unavailable" this will prompt you to call the customer again. If no answer leave a "We Missed You Card"
If you were prompted to Deliver the shipment to an Amazon Locker leave a "We Missed You Card".

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Accepted Photo-ID
Old Windsor Logistics only accepts Photo-ID with the PASS accredited logo in a hologram.
These Include National ID Cards, Driving Licences and Passports. 
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