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Old Windsor Logistics in-house training, learning and development solutions are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training.

We have designed and will implement online courses developed to help our contractors progress and provide a quality service to all our customers. 

From Health & Safety refresher courses to "How To Guides".


Old Windsor Logistics strives to help its contractors progress and learn valuable information and skills to progress.

All our courses will be available in many formats:

  • Video Files

  • PDF Documents

  • Word Documents

After reading all the material there will be a "10 - 20 Question Test" the pass rate from this is 80%

Tests will be in 3 month intervals and are required to be completed by ALL independent contractors.

The Harwood Course
The Pelling Course
The Ashbrook Course 
Consent Forms:
Drug & Alcohol Consent Form "Click Here"
Policy Consent Forms "Click Here"
New Policies Consent Forms "Click Here"
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